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Managing a companies payroll is never as simple as 1, 2, 3. We teamed up with Your Payroll Matters to create a fun and approachable brand, that invites business owners to streamline their companies payroll.

Payroll and the world of P45's has never been bold and exciting, nor down to earth from a visual front. But who said it had to stay this way? We aimed to produce a brand identity that not only enticed and excited people but also spoke to its audience in a tone of voice that really hits home with small business. Why fit to the mould when you can break it?

The Challenge

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A simple one really. To excite people with bold colour, exciting illustrations and a down to earth tone of voice. The brand features custom illustrations, an easy to use—no nonsense—website and fundamentally a change of pace. It allows customers to feel at ease when they're working with YPM, they're not sat talking to an excel robot, but a human who takes the time to understand their wants and needs.

The Solution

I simply love it! The Mill have hit the nail on the head, it offers our start-up the opportunity to grow exponentially while still retaining our down to earth approach to payroll.

Simon Denny, Senior Partner in Your Payroll Matters

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Our friends over at Your Payroll Matters, have not only seen a huge increase in their website traffic, but they've also seen a shift in the way people approach their business. People are no longer afraid to ask the questions they previously may have deemed 'silly'. Customers know there's a human at the other end, and they seem to love it! A success not only for YPM but also their clients!

The Results

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