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Asda toyou x Digipal

We worked alongside Digipal and Asda toyou, to create a video that effectively showcased their Yorkshire XDC depot’s switch to trackable plastic pallets from the traditionally wood-made.

Switching from wooden pallets brought several key benefits for example: the reduced costs for the customer, the increased sales Asda toyou can expect to achieve and most importantly - how sustainable they are in contrast to their wooden counterparts. We knew the video needed to showcase just how valuable these aspects are. We were also acutely aware that whilst the video be easily understood by industry professionals, it also needed to be digestible for a wider audience when posted across social platforms.

The Challenge

asda worker in warehouse working on computer
close-up shot of Digipal trackable pallet in Asda depot
Asda colleague giving interview about new Digipal installation in an Asda depot
Two Asda colleagues, smiling as they work
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For the video be as informative as possible, interviews with key stakeholders from both Asda toyou and Digipal were imperative. Their unique, specialised, insights provided a multi-faceted overview of the project and exactly why it was an important decision for the respective businesses. An impactful video wouldn’t be complete without complimenting cutaways. Through capturing the installation in-use and colleagues on site, we were able to give an accurate yet cinematic view as to how it was implemented and the daily operations that will be transformed because as a result.

The Solution

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A strategically crafted video with well-articulated information from key stakeholders made for a final product that a far wider audience was able to consume the video and whilst still feeling well-informed. Through complimenting video cutaways and motion graphics we were able to make an engaging video that brought the benefits of the project to life for all who watched.

The Results

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