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Love Your Leftovers

Why can't leftovers taste just as great and help save waste? The team over at Asda have some amazing recipes for leftovers, so in a cost of living crisis, we've teamed up to help people reduce their food waste.

Making the most of leftover food is always tough; from finding the right recipes to minimising waste. Our goal was to create a step-by-step video series that not only highlights the delicious potential of leftovers but also makes the concept of repurposing them both enjoyable and straight forward. Instead of throwing away your leftovers, when you can make a fantastic meal?

The Challenge

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A series of fun and engaging videos designed to inspire viewers to creatively use their leftover food. The video series was to be showcased on Asda's website and also featured on their social media platforms, reaching a growing audience of over 600+ followers. With this broad audience in mind, the content was crafted to be captivating, engaging, and concise.

The Solution

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The video series not only gave Asda the ability to push their campaign, but it also showed people the delicious potential of leftovers. Through captivating visuals and easy-to-follow instructions, the content not only resonated with Asda's audience but also contributed to building a community that values sustainable and creative approaches to food, enhancing the brand's reputation as a resource for both quality products and innovative cooking ideas.

The Results

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