Emilie Thorpe
February 9, 2024

What I've Learnt Working as an Assistant Project Manager in a Creative Agency

If you clicked on this blog post, it’s likely that you have a passion for the creative industry. Approaching my 18-month anniversary of working as an Assistant Project Manager for The Mill Group, I’d love to talk you through the things I’ve found valuable being a part of a creative media agency.

Soaking up information. It’s no surprise that this is key to any successful creative media agency, but this is something I have found especially valuable while working at The Mill Group. With a team of skilled professionals in storytelling, videography, photography, editing, design & animation - we’re able to develop our current skillsets when collaborating and pick up new skills too. Making us an ever-stronger team.

Regular team meetings. Being a tight-knit group of creatives, we thrive on collaboration; this is why team meetings, in any creative media agency, are so beneficial. Through these catch-ups, you gain the invaluable opportunity to discuss on-going projects as well as those on the horizon. It’s imperative that as a project manager in a creative media agency you have an understanding of what others are working on, areas in the agency that are performing well and areas could do with a helping hand. Regular team meetings are the perfect time to ensure you keep tabs on all of the above.

It's not a team meeting without a coffee

Providing creative solutions. At The Mill Group, we have a myriad of trusted and returning clients; I believe our ability to provide cost effective and creative solutions is a testament to this. Unlike many creative media agencies, we learn first-hand about our clients and their customers; with our in-house studio team, we brainstorm and execute concepts that will not only showcase our skillsets creatively but will successfully deliver key values and messages from our clients.

Building strong client relationships. We aren’t a creative media agency that pigeon-hole ourselves into one specialism. Because of this - I’ve been lucky enough to connect with clients from a wide-range of sectors. Be it retail, technology or logistics. Really getting to know your client, their business goals and what they’re wanting to achieve when collaborating on a creative project is an amazing statement of intent in any strong creative media agency. It lets your client know not only can you achieve what they’re asking for, but care about why it’s important to them in the first place.  As a part of the project management team, I feel proud to deliver high-quality video and photography content consistently to clients, something that’s proved vital in building trust between us and our clients.

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